The Typo review

Been using the Typo for a bit now. Here’s my review.

1. Keyboard. It looks like a Blackberry, down to the ridges on the side each letter. It feels like a cheap Chinese copy. For starters, it clicks. Loudly.┬áThe keys are stiffer. Like I said this is a cheap Chinese knockoff. It’s really annoying. But it does function and is a huge improvement over the virtual keyboard.

2. Integration with iOS. It isn’t as bad as reviewers say. I miss not being able to ALT-DELETE to delete backwards. That’s probably my biggest miss.

3. Battery life. Pretty solid. I’ve only had it die on me once and I barely charge it. When that happened, I went back to the virtual keyboard and immediately noticed a slowdown in typing.

4. Response from others. My business partner says the device makes me look like a UPS or Fedex man. Everyone I’ve mentioned this to nods their head violently. Ok, so I get it. I look like a dork carrying this. But I get a lot of questions asking me what this is and telling me that they want one for themselves, or their wife, or their sister, etc.

If I was Ryan Seacrest’s product guy, I’d add a battery pack to this and invest in better keys. There is plenty of margin on this thing. I can’t imagine the bill of materials on this thing is more than $3-5.

Now that I have this, I have no reason to use the Q10 anymore. But when I do, the Q10 keyboard is a breath of fresh air. The keys are much nicer. But functionally, these two things are pretty similar.

if I was John Chen, I’d make an official Blackberry Typo for the iPhone. I’d price it at $150. It’s free money. Anyone on iOS is *NEVER* coming back to Blackberry. Might as well sell them a keyboard. It’s free money.